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Using Essential Oils to support anxious feelings and anxiety

I’ve been a long time suffer of anxiety. And anyone who has ever experienced anxious feelings will know how crippling this can be. The panic, the racing heart, the digestive issues.  

The effects of anxiety can be extremely detrimental to our health. Anxiety and excessive stress put a great strain on the immune system, can cause inflammation and can lead to chronic disease and oxidative stress.  

Anxiety can affect your total wellbeing – including your emotional health, your physical health and personal, social and professional relationships.  

I’ve tried both conventional modern-day medicines, and also alternate therapies to help manage and alleviate my anxious symptoms. And do you know my favourite? You guessed it – essential oils.  

Unlike many other treatments, essential oils offer support for feelings of anxiousness and typically have little – if any – side effects when used correctly. And a bonus – they’re often less expensive than other treatments, AND have a variety of other uses.  

The power of scent 

There is a really close connection between aroma and emotion. Our sense of smell is POWERFUL.  

The olfactory system (smell) is so unique in how it transmits information to the brain from the nose. Unlike our other sensory systems, our olfactory system is linked and intertwined with the limbic system. Out limbic system is responsible for processing memory and emotions.  

The Medical Centre at the University of Maryland explains it this way: 

The nose’s smell receptors communicate with the parts of your brain that serve as storehouses for memory and emotion. When you breathe in essential oils, some researchers believe they stimulate these parts of your brain and influence emotional, physical, and mental health. Scientists believe lavender stimulates the activity of brain cells similar to the way some sedative medications work. Other researchers think that molecules from essential oils may interact in the blood with hormones or enzymes. 

Some aromas directly impact our mood, for example calming, balancing, or invigorating. Other aromas trigger memories of a specific experience, which are often tied to a strong emotion.  

There are many different ways to use essential oils for their aromatic properties. One method is to diffuse the oil into the air. I diffuser every day, in almost every room of our house. In my office while I work to keep me focused, in the kitchen to purify and cleanse the air, in our lounge room to promote a calm environment and in my kids’ bedrooms at night to help them have a restful sleep.  

  • Cleanses the air
  • Supports the immune system 
  • Lift the mood 
  • Reduces stressed or anxious feelings 
  • Increases focus 
  • A beautiful smelling house without the use of chemicals 


  • CALM + PATIENT – 2 drops Copaiba + 2 drops Bergamot + 3 drops Balance 
  • ENERGISING– 3 drops Peppermint + 3 drops Wild Orange + 2 drops Frankincense 
  • IMMUNE SUPPORT – 3 drops On Guard + 2 drops Frankincense + 2 drops Tea Tree 
  • GOOD NIGHT – 3 drops Frankincense + 3 drops Lavender + 2 drops Vetiver 
  • GROUNDED – 3 drops Balance + 2 drops Anchor + 2 drops Frankincense 
  • MENTAL CLARITY – 2 drops Myrrh + 2 drops Arise + 2 drops Anchor 

My personal ‘Peace Pack’ 

These are the oils I use to help me get a restful sleep environment, lessen tension, and reduce anxious feelings. 

  1. Copaiba Essential Oil – Helps to soothe and calm the nervous system, and soothe anxious feelings
  2. Neroli Touch Roll On – Reduces feelings of anxiousness and promotes a positive mood
  3. Frankincense Essential Oil – Promotes feelings of relaxation, peace and overall wellness 
  4. Vetiver  Essential Oil – Known to provide a calming and grounding effect on emotions.  

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